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Still Alive...

Posted by EagleRock - May 8th, 2008

This was a triumph...
I'm making a note here...


Yeah, that's enough of that. Want more, go ahead and play Portal.

Anyway, I'm back for now, or at least I hope. Most people that know me well (enough to visit this after no updates for half a year) know that my lack of Newgrounds activity is comprised of the following:

- Too much work
- Too many games to play
- Working on computers at home
- Lastly, jaded opinion of the Portal as of late

As of late, as in, post Clock Day 2007. Ugh. Since then, the Portal has gotten worse (no big news) to the point where I found it next to useless to even try to B/P or just protect the Portal. However, good ol' Yuengling-chuggin' Wade has decided to step in. At least now we have Wade trying to do what I was trying to do myself for a long time.

Point being, maybe the Portal won't suck horribly much longer. Perhaps the shit we worked for in the Barracks might come to fruition. Either way, I'll try to stick around a bit longer. I owe it to myself for trying long enough to change things around here that if Wade manages to make the change for good, I'd kick myself for not being around. Also, I owe it to the Barracks members to be around and, I dunno, take charge for a change.

Anyway, I'm here. Got something to say, post it up peoples!



nice to have you back

yes, the portal have been on 'happy saves' since I entered... (like a week before clock day)
but know... I slowly get more blams that saves...
so... thing already started to change

I certainly have noticed the change has started...let's just hope it keeps going...

You're married!? Aw, now I'll never get a chance! =(

Anyway, I hope you start being more active, I miss the good old days when you and Slash were always assisting in the Portal. Damn you people and your lives. =(

/*no comment*/

What's up, man. Good to see you're alive and kicking. I agree that the quality is getting worse. But I like to add, it's actually better in general (compared to 2 years ago for instance), it's just that barely nothing can get blammed these days, so there's a bunch of garbage as well as good stuff.

You got a point, but I see things improving over time. I think if Wade keeps this up we'll be back to our old Portal ways in no time!

I accidentally clicked on your profile, and I just have to comment because of that awesome song.

Heh...thanks. Gotta love Portal!

My good sir, do you spam sometimes?

Hmm, nope. Can't say I do. Have better things to do with my life.