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Definitely one of your best yet. Your animations are hilarious and the plot is too stupid to not love. Hilarious!

I haven't been able to get this song out of my head since it came Under Judgment. Thanks. Now I catch myself singing it to myself at random points of the day.

Overall, the animation is pretty good, but the song is what blows this out of the water. I haven't heard a song this catchy in a while, especially one that you just plain cannot get caught singing when in public. :-)

I really have no constructive criticisms to offer, other than keep making more music and Flash! Thanks for the great submission!

koit responds:

That is good news - then my evil master-audio-plan has worked.

Funny movie

I'll admit that I'm the first person to say that movies belong on other websites, but I think this one can be an exception. You take advantage of Flash to handle the menu and scene select, which makes this site perfect for its presentation.

The movie itself was quite good. Obviously the quality was reduced to get the size down to 13MB, but I think you chose a decent balance of filesize and quality. Any larger would have made the Flash just a bit too large for Newgrounds, and any smaller would have sacrificed too much quality.

As far as the actual film itself, I thought it was quite funny. The graphical effects were excellent and almost seemed natural. The sound effects were excellent quality. The dialogue was hilarious. You struck just the right blend of humor and seriousness, similar to the "Lethal Weapon" and "Die Hard" series films.

Overall, I enjoyed the film from beginning to end. Even the credits were funny enough to make me watch it through. I think I'll have to check out the other movies you have on NG.

Thanks for the submission!

Fro responds:

Thank you for the review!

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I'll admit that I was first going to dismiss this game because I thought it was either a bad joke for you to never earn a bingo or that the game was broken, but I eventually learned how the game was supposed to work. I think a lot of the criticism would be addressed with a simple instructions change, making it clearer that you are not expecting to win for a while, and that's all part of the game. Also, I originally thought I could only earn skill points from making bingos, and that the star points were different, but I eventually realized that the stars _are_ the skill points.

The big draw to this game for me was originally that I just wanted to get "one damn point" and eventually "just one damn bingo." But, of course, as games like this always go, eventually I had to push to win. So, if you can get by the original confusion, the game becomes really addicting, really fast.

One thing I dislike about the game is how certain minigames are much harder or take much longer to earn points than others. I realize that could just be based on what I am good at, but for a completionist like me, it would be nice to get at least 200 points in all the games to earn all the medals. :-)

One last thing I would change about the game is the music. While I like the songs you picked, and I enjoy Kevin MacLeod's music (it's hard not to when he is so diverse...), the two songs you picked get old fast. The option to mute would be welcomed.

Keep in mind all of these criticisms are constructive, and I did in fact enjoy the game a lot. Like I said, with a few minor adjustments, you can address 90% of the below criticisms, and overall the game is good. Graphics are simplistic but good-looking, and the game mechanic is compelling and awarding. I'll have to play it through at least one more time to try to get the rest of the badges :-) Thanks for the game, and I hope to see more from you!

Definitely a good try for a first maze game, but it could be better. The look isn't particularly polished, but it is definitely passable, and most definitely better than the majority I've seen on Newgrounds. The "maze game" mechanic is kind of old, but you did it well enough for me to enjoy it.

One hint for the future is to disable right-clicking, as it is very easy to cheat by using the right-click context menu to allow you to skip the level. Besides that, the game is sound. I'm a fan of ParagonX9 as well, so definitely thumbs up on the music.

Hope to see more from you in the future! I'd like to see another game, perhaps a bit longer, and without the ability to cheat. I'm sure it will be a great success!

JMac96 responds:

thanks for the advice. it was just a short little thing to help people to pass the time with but i agree, it could of been a bit longer. however i dont really know how to disable the right click context menu but thanks for including that as that will be something ill find out how to do in future games. thanks for taking the time to suggest things that could of been better it helps alot :D

Great game!

I like the 8-bit styling and the "ice vs fire" theme. Retro gaming done right is always good.

The gameplay itself is fun and interesting. Having a super-powerful but limited weapon makes for using your brain to converse ammunition. The plentiful recharge stations allow for the occasional pew-pew fest as well, and keeps the game fun, yet challenging.

I was unable to complete the game, as I think I came across a bug. On Level 5 (I believe), if you shoot a red enemy down to the moving platform jet below it, the game freezes, and I was unable to continue. I was trying to do the "two birds with one stone" tactic, but it appears this doesn't work well in this case.

Besides this one bug (which admittedly stopped me from continuing), this game is awesome. I'm giving you a rating of 4/5, docking you a point for the bug. Besides that, I have plenty of fun playing the game, and hope you can tweak the game if it passes judgment and improve the game. I'd love to play more!

Thanks again for the fun game!

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Top-notch Stuff

As of late, I've really developed a distaste for techno. As such, it's rare I find a techno song that I genuinely enjoy. This song was made so well that it's just a pleasure to listen to. I couldn't even critique your music if I tried. You have a natural talent for this stuff.

All I can ask is that you make more. I love it!

Meonly70 responds:

Thank you. Really appreciate the comment, I'm glad you liked it :D

Nice "retro" rendition!

First off, you picked an excellent song to remix! You gotta love your early 80's rock music...

Anyway, as far as the remix itself goes, it came out pretty nicely! Not the most perfect remix, but certainly worth some props.

The fact that it is 8-bit leave some things to be desired in terms of the quality and the broadness of the sound (especially on the low-frequency side of things), but that's just the natural limitations of 8-bit music, so you really can't discount the song due to it. That aside, the layout of the song is excellent. I'm unsure if you laid the track for the song yourself, but if you did, it deserves major props. The song was quite accurate and was very true to Journey's version.

Overall, the sound was pleasing for an 8-bit rendition, as it wasn't too raspy and didn't sound like a multitude of square waves... I enjoyed this a lot and it reminded me of some of my favorite 80's rock music...

I give you a 9/10, as the song was very solid, and I don't really know how you could improve this song, at least on an 8-bit level. Therefore, I commend you for a job well done and hope to see more from you down the pipeline!

Excellent remix

I'm quite impressed by this work! I had to comment on it!

I've commented on your stuff before, but this work definitely shines for several reasons:

- The medley created was of an excellent quality, and isn't your "garden variety" remix of video game music. The blending of the different themes is very close together and tight, that it sounds like its own work. In other words, it's not like some remixes which basically sound like someone pressed play in iTunes and enabled crossfading.

- The synthesizer that you used for this is, in a word, outstanding. The samples used for these songs not only keep true to the original song from the game itself, but they give it a body that give it realism that you normally don't get from a video game remix. In other words, this arrangement could easily be played by an orchestra, and the synthesizer certainly comes damn close to sounding like it was actually played by one

- The joint work you two put into this really makes the work shine. It's obvious the composer is quite skilled at what he does, and the sampler/synthesizer is the same. Specializations coming together always makes a work greater than the sum of its parts.

I'd like to hear more stuff like this in the future! It's obvious that you have not-cheap equipment at your disposal to help you along (not to say that it doesn't require skill and talent to man it...), and I'd like to see more of the potential unraveled over time!

Overall score - 9/10

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