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FINALLY...the iPhone.

Posted by EagleRock - September 19th, 2007

Well, I posted about it before, when I was going nuts, but it looks like I got lucky last Friday and got my iPhone! I could NOT be happier with it, as it is my first iPod (and real mp3 player at that...the Samsung SYNC just does NOT count), so I am VERY pleased right now.

But, rather than go on a 10 paragraph long binge about my iPhone, I'll just leave it at "it's good" and not brag/overtalk/make out with it/go orgasmic/etc. and just move on.

I'm also happy that some of my Barracks members are starting to take initiative in spreading the word about fairness on the Portal, as it's quite vital for us to do so if we are going to make a dent in this place.

I've spoken my schpiel many times about this, so I won't bother to do so in this post either. In fact, I'll probably reserve that for a front page post that I'll whip up later on. But, in the meantime, I have to commend you all for doing something, especially HeavenDuff, craigalan, and our Recruitment Officer SlashFirestorm. Keep up the good work, guys!

Well, that's about all I had to say. Hopefully I'll get some comments so I can start up a dialogue here or something...

And I'll leave you off with a gratuitous picture of my new iPhone, complete with Newgrounds logo on display:

FINALLY...the iPhone.


Hey, congratulations! I probably won't get an iPhone, but it's nice to see how people get happy when they aquire iPhones.

thats really awesome that you got one!

Anyways if you have a Nintendo DS you might want to use stick there/pointer thingy there so don't you put a stain or scartch on it. Anyways enjoy your phone! Plus happy Mad Day!

Yay! I got an IPhone too! Care to dance around in a circle? ... er... *changes subject* Also, you look so much like my brother it's funny.

I'll be whipping up a news post for the front page.

Dude, where the hell are you? you just playing on your iPhone all day long or something?

I see NG on there! No excuses!

Thanks for the good comments EagleRock. I really wish to see great stuff on the portal and kick the spam out of it.

Mr. Fancy Pants getting an iPhone. I don't even have mp3 player.