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The New EGB Forums are up!

Posted by EagleRock - June 19th, 2010

Well, it took me a few weeks of work and tweaking, but I have finally replaced the old EGB Forums with ones I am hosting myself! For those who are not aware yet, here's the link:


Feel free to sign up, and one of the Executive Members will activate you. It might not be a bad idea to give one of us a heads-up that you're signing up (posting in the forum or a PM on Newgrounds will do just fine). That way we can verify you, activate you, and give you permissions!

This is something I wanted to do for the Barracks for a long time. Originally, our forums were hosted by ForumCityUSA, which was a good hosting site that used phpBB2 as their forum of choice. Since I am well-versed in using phpBB, I was able to make good forums quite quickly. Then, their free forum server died and never bothered to fix it. Yeah.

At the time, I was inactive, so Slash made an effort to replace them with Invision Power Boards. However, Slash is a self-proclaimed newbie to forum moderating, and Invision is certainly no better. They were hacked multiple times, naturally. So, fixing what I initially started, I redid the forums from scratch. WIth access to the front and back ends of the forums, I have full control over security, and that's what I built the forums in mind with.

So, feel free to sign up and enjoy them! My gift to the EGB!

P.S. - I have copied over the majority of the important posts from the old forum already, but if you feel like I missed something, let me know.



Does this mean the old forum will be closed down, or just forgotten about?

I'm wondering if having it still open might create possible security holes, since some people (me included >.<) will have used the same e-mail to sign up for both boards. Getting the details off one of them might compromise the other.

Then again, I could be aimlessly rambling about stuff I obviously know nothing about. I dunno.

You're not crazy for thinking that. I am going to keep it around as a reference for sure. However, I will lock down access to only a few users that'll need it for reference.

Im trying to join your club but I need to get about a 1,000 more B/P points so I will maybe see you in a few months

awesome, hentaikey girl 5 full game has been leaked for free!! :D

<a href="http://bit.ly/a4b8Ra">http://bit.ly/a4b8Ra</a>

tried to join, but got treated like dirt

Missing you, Eagle!

Where are you...