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Top-notch Stuff

As of late, I've really developed a distaste for techno. As such, it's rare I find a techno song that I genuinely enjoy. This song was made so well that it's just a pleasure to listen to. I couldn't even critique your music if I tried. You have a natural talent for this stuff.

All I can ask is that you make more. I love it!

Meonly70 responds:

Thank you. Really appreciate the comment, I'm glad you liked it :D

Nice "retro" rendition!

First off, you picked an excellent song to remix! You gotta love your early 80's rock music...

Anyway, as far as the remix itself goes, it came out pretty nicely! Not the most perfect remix, but certainly worth some props.

The fact that it is 8-bit leave some things to be desired in terms of the quality and the broadness of the sound (especially on the low-frequency side of things), but that's just the natural limitations of 8-bit music, so you really can't discount the song due to it. That aside, the layout of the song is excellent. I'm unsure if you laid the track for the song yourself, but if you did, it deserves major props. The song was quite accurate and was very true to Journey's version.

Overall, the sound was pleasing for an 8-bit rendition, as it wasn't too raspy and didn't sound like a multitude of square waves... I enjoyed this a lot and it reminded me of some of my favorite 80's rock music...

I give you a 9/10, as the song was very solid, and I don't really know how you could improve this song, at least on an 8-bit level. Therefore, I commend you for a job well done and hope to see more from you down the pipeline!

Excellent remix

I'm quite impressed by this work! I had to comment on it!

I've commented on your stuff before, but this work definitely shines for several reasons:

- The medley created was of an excellent quality, and isn't your "garden variety" remix of video game music. The blending of the different themes is very close together and tight, that it sounds like its own work. In other words, it's not like some remixes which basically sound like someone pressed play in iTunes and enabled crossfading.

- The synthesizer that you used for this is, in a word, outstanding. The samples used for these songs not only keep true to the original song from the game itself, but they give it a body that give it realism that you normally don't get from a video game remix. In other words, this arrangement could easily be played by an orchestra, and the synthesizer certainly comes damn close to sounding like it was actually played by one

- The joint work you two put into this really makes the work shine. It's obvious the composer is quite skilled at what he does, and the sampler/synthesizer is the same. Specializations coming together always makes a work greater than the sum of its parts.

I'd like to hear more stuff like this in the future! It's obvious that you have not-cheap equipment at your disposal to help you along (not to say that it doesn't require skill and talent to man it...), and I'd like to see more of the potential unraveled over time!

Overall score - 9/10

Not bad at all!

I always enjoyed that song ("Boom Boom Boom Boom" by Vengaboys, btw), and the remake was rather interesting.

I had to lower your score in originality as this was not an original song, and you did not state the song as a Vengaboys remake. However, I still think it was good, and will definately include it in my collection of downloaded NG music.

Thanks for the submission!

Flashburn responds:

haha yep you are correct! But since you have no music I cannot five it! I will have to 5 your flash instead!

I like it

It was very good. I just have one question though...isn't EVERY Jingle Bells song an "X-mas Mix?" ;-)


I think the "Batman" at the beginning was what sold me...but don't get me wrong...the song was great. The effects you used were especially good.

Very nice

I liked it a lot! Be proud!

Not bad

I'd keep experimenting...the stuff sounds good!

pakaroki responds:

woohoo! 8

Good ol memories

I remember this in the arcade...when they were saying KI2 was coming out for the Nintendo Ultra 64...lol!

midiman369 responds:

"Only on Nintendo Ultra 64!!!" Yes! Those were fun times... But to clear one thing up, that WAS KI1 not 2, KI2 does not have any ultra64 ad in it to teh extent of my knowledge... It would have been cool if it did though.

Love It

One of my favorite old-time level songs! Very well done!

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