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EagleRock's News

Posted by EagleRock - August 16th, 2007

Well, Clock Day is over, or at least it would appear to be...

Apparently, people are still protect-happy and are 5ing flash that don't deserve protection. While I personally don't care about the flash that just isn't up to snuff, I do care about those that are complete spam. I'm talking about the ones that are changed a tiny bit (if at all) and resubmitted again and again by the same person. There are a few users out there that have at least a dozen alts, all of which are submitting two flash per day, all of them passing. They are breaking at least two rules (more than 2 flash/day and spamming the Portal) and still persist and keep working fine.

The Barracks is compiling information about these users and are doing the best we can to stop them. If you see any information regarding these users, please PM myself or SlashFirestorm, where we will take the information and add it to ours. Hopefully the information will be able to assist Wade and the rest of the NG Administrators in stopping the spam on the Portal.

Posted by EagleRock - August 4th, 2007

So, I'm still reading Imagining the Tenth Dimension, but I have a bunch of EGB stuff to do.

First off, I need to appoint new officers. We need people for:

Barracks Recruitment Officer
Barracks Records Officer (this is an easy one)
Barracks NGPD Laison
Other Barracks Laison positions
We also need a position for Slash and for what he does (FAQ maintenance and forum administration)

Other than that, I've set up a Ventrilo server for the EGB to chat on!
Get the client from www.ventrilo.com
The server is called eagleworld.net
The port is the default (3784)
Just get a microphone and join up!

I'll keep everyone posted on my EGB stuff. Chapter 10 should be done soon, so I'm going to concentrate on that today.

Posted by EagleRock - August 1st, 2007

One night, around 1-2AM EST, I was on the Portal, checking out the flash as I was checking other sites and posting in the EGB thread. Sure enough, I came across a Portal submission that intrigued me. Specifically it was this one, which you can see was not made by the author. I was about ready to flag it, but was quite intrigued by the content of the flash. The problem was, the guy that submitted it cut off the flash after only 2 out of the 10 dimensions! What a jip!

So, I decided to head over to www.tenthdimension.com to see if I could find the flash. If you check yourself, you'll see it's not exactly hard to find. One click and I was there. Keep in mind this is about 2:15 by the time I'm looking at this, and my wife is already asleep. I start watching the video, intrigued. Despite the fact that I'm not the dumbest guy in the world, understanding the fourth spatial dimension (the best example is the description of the hypercube) was always difficult. Here I am learning about ten!

Now, stay with me on this one, I know I'm a big wimp about this. If you listen to the sounds in this flash (at the beginning, end, and between each dimension's description), they're a bit spooky. Especially if you were up watching 4 episodes of Lost not an hour before. So, as this guy is talking about dimensions in which you can traverse alternate realities with all this spooky music, I get a bit spooked. Then, this dude talks about dimensions in which our entire universe can be referenced as a single point. Now I'm getting freaked. But I can't stop watching the damn thing!

So as I go to bed, my wife already sound asleep, I'm picturing all the shit from this flash in my head as i try to fall asleep, thinking about the ramifications of how big our world actually is. Ugh.

The next day, I show all this to my wife, and she's even intrigued. This dude on Newgrounds got me hooked on this idea, and it wasn't even his idea. If he did officially get a sanction from the author to post this on Newgrounds, the author did well. I had to buy the book to learn more.

So, I just got the book in the mail today from Amazon.com (only about 17 bucks with shipping), and I read the first chapter (which is basically an explanation of what is in the flash). I'm going to read more, and post my thoughts here.

In the meantime, I'd suggest checking out the tenthdimension.com website and watch that flash. You'll understand 10 dimensions of our world in 11 minutes. Granted, it's not an accepted scientific theory and it differs in thought from the standard, but it's very interesting to watch, and I'll let you know what the book is like.

Damn addicting scientific theories...

Posted by EagleRock - July 30th, 2007

Well, here I am again...

Since 90% of the people that are gonna read this are in the Elite Guard Barracks anyway, I might as well post about it.

I always wanted to do a Battle Royale type story since the real classic ones (like MasterMind's and BlueFlameSkulls') were on Newgrounds (about a year ago). I was going to do the big Counter-Strike battle and make it CT vs. T, allowing whoever to post until I had a good 50 people. I even drafted up my first post, but I never posted it on General.

Then, a while later, I thought about making an Elite Guard story. However, I wanted to keep the CS theme. I could never really find a good way to hook the EGB story into the CS story, until the redesign. Then, the whole story hit me overnight. I was able to see a beginning, middle, and end, without any hitches. By the time I posted Chapter 2, it was golden.

I know I've gotten criticism that I don't know what's going to happen, but I assure you that I do. There are an exact number of matches, who dies, who survives, etc. I don't know exactly which people are surviving...I have to feel some of them out. Also, depending on how long some of the matches are (and the talking and side stories in the middle), the size could really fluctuate. However, the story is all there, and it just needs to be fleshed out.

If you aren't familiar with the story and are intrigued, hit up the EGB forums at this thread:

Barracks Under Fire Story

I update there as well as in the EGB thread. I was AWOL for a few days, so I am a couple chapters behind. However, I plan on submitting at least 2 chapters tonight to make up.

Till next time...

Posted by EagleRock - July 18th, 2007

Well, it seems Newgrounds managed to keep me around a bit longer with the redesign...

So, that means I'll be back in the Barracks making the usual rounds...I'm getting adjusted to the site redesign and all...

I'm considering changing my aura thanks to the addition of the two new auras. While I'm definitely not Evil or "Fab" (even though I am faaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous...), I might consider Neutral or Dark. While I'm not "dark" in how I vote, I love the "dark" aura.

Ahh, choices. Newgrounds makes me make them.