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Definitely one of your best yet. Your animations are hilarious and the plot is too stupid to not love. Hilarious!

I haven't been able to get this song out of my head since it came Under Judgment. Thanks. Now I catch myself singing it to myself at random points of the day.

Overall, the animation is pretty good, but the song is what blows this out of the water. I haven't heard a song this catchy in a while, especially one that you just plain cannot get caught singing when in public. :-)

I really have no constructive criticisms to offer, other than keep making more music and Flash! Thanks for the great submission!

koit responds:

That is good news - then my evil master-audio-plan has worked.

Funny movie

I'll admit that I'm the first person to say that movies belong on other websites, but I think this one can be an exception. You take advantage of Flash to handle the menu and scene select, which makes this site perfect for its presentation.

The movie itself was quite good. Obviously the quality was reduced to get the size down to 13MB, but I think you chose a decent balance of filesize and quality. Any larger would have made the Flash just a bit too large for Newgrounds, and any smaller would have sacrificed too much quality.

As far as the actual film itself, I thought it was quite funny. The graphical effects were excellent and almost seemed natural. The sound effects were excellent quality. The dialogue was hilarious. You struck just the right blend of humor and seriousness, similar to the "Lethal Weapon" and "Die Hard" series films.

Overall, I enjoyed the film from beginning to end. Even the credits were funny enough to make me watch it through. I think I'll have to check out the other movies you have on NG.

Thanks for the submission!

Fro responds:

Thank you for the review!

Overwhelmingly accurate

This is about as perfect as it gets when it comes to describing Apple's video "tours" on their products. Since they came out with the iPhone guided tour and the whole huge descriptions of their laptops and the MacBook Air, they really typecast themselves as boasting their ideas as the best thing that ever existed.

Sadly, the verbiage and the descriptions you used in this are not a stretch at ALL. This is exactly how they act.

I was laughing the entire time and was compelled to see how you should satirize this further. You even got the Apple designers personified to a t.

I'm quite impressed. I hope to see more of this stuff from you. You sure have a knack for it! Thanks for teh great submission!

Chag responds:

Hey man, thanks heaps!

The thing I noticed about their videos like this, is they're always very careful never to mention what a product DIDN'T do. So in this case, the fact that once you use a pen on paper... It's there to stay

Great Stick Flash

I have to say, while I've seen dozens of these stick flash, few stick out as being really good. This shows a lot of potential. I like how you set up the characters in the description and give them personality, and how smooth the flash was.

There are only two real suggestions I have to offer:
1) Don't end the flash so abruptly. Give the viewer a split second to know the final blow is coming...it'll give it all the more effect.

2) Make a series of these. Create different characters with different personalities/strengths, and go to town. Who knows, how about a huge tournament? This could realy go somewhere.

Thanks for the great submission, and best of luck!

Kwing responds:

1. Yeah, that's a great suggestion! People on FluidAnims just told me to practice, but it's nice to get some quantitative advice to build on!

2. These are RHG battles, meaning I'll be facing off several enemies, but Steven Walking will always be in MY RHG battles. However, I do have another character ready in case I decide to ditch Steven.


I must admit that after a while these flashes seem to get pretty overdone, but you managed to make this one awesome! Your humor was definitely up to par, and the quality of the flash was good quality. Overall, you did a great job! I was seriously compelled to watch it to the ending, as I didn't want to miss a great joke!

Graphics - While it is a sprite flash, the sprites were done very well, and the presentation was perfect. You could easily mistake a lot of these clips for in-game videos. Hell, you even did a good job integrating the superhero characters into the Mortal Kombat world without it seeming out of place! Overall, excellent quality.

Humor - Awesome! I was definitely lol-ing through a good amount of these, especially your Christian Bale rant joke. Batman walking away looking all pissed off as he says "You and me we're done professionally" was PERFECT. Top notch. Hell, that one clip alone could've gotten a good score! But of course, the rest of the jokes were excellent as well, so it was nicely balanced.

Overall - As you can see, I enjoyed the flash quite a bit. I gave it an 8/10, as it wasn't perfect, but was definitely better than most. As you seem to do this quite often, I don't need to give you ideas or advice, so I'll just congratulate you on a job well done and hope to see more of your work in the future!

Nicely done

Despite this flash being relatively simple, it is quite pleasing to the eye and is just enjoyable. All aspects of the flash come together to take an otherwise bland concept to a very enjoyable movie!

Graphics - The graphics, in ways, were kinda simple and basic, but in other ways, the graphics truly were a pleasure. The use of gradients certainly helped the look along in a big way, giving it a nice polished look. If I had to make some suggestions, I'd try working on honing in the details of different items, such as the grass platforms. Otherwise, a lot of good concepts were there, and gave the flash a nice above-average look.

Animations - In a word, awesome. The animations were very smooth, and a nice framerate was chosen. Your use of blurs and camera action really make the flash and give it a very smooth look. Keep it up!

Music - The musical accompaniment was perfect. Not only was Africa a good choice in general, but Andy McKee's instrumental version was the perfect low-profile choice. Also, I noticed how you integrated the music with the animation, which made it all the better.

Overall, I gave your flash a 9/10 just because it came together so seamlessly for an otherwise simple subject. I really enjoyed the flash, and thank you for submitting it!

xtended12 responds:

Thanks :] and for really great comment!


I was quite impressed by your first flash! At first, I thought the flash looked like it was going to be good, but was surprisingly presented with a legend! I have a feeling that if you keep this kind of stuff up, you'll be gracing front-page Newgrounds on a regular basis!

Your animation style is definitely your strongest point. While the characters were quite simple (and they were even crude at some points), the way you animated them was absolutely flawless and looked absolutely great. In fact, I feel the simple graphics gave it a charm that was refreshing and really made you pay attention to the flash more than just go, "Ooh, pretty flash effects!"

The actual premise of the flash was another slam-dunk. At first, I wasn't sure what I was getting into (the Street Fighter II select screen coupled with Super Smash Bros. music was deceiving). When I actually clicked on a selection, I thought maybe the video that was playing was a lead-in video to the actual game. Turns out your animations were quite interesting (and hilarious), and I think I prefer this over a game.

If I had to give recommendations for next time, I would definitely say to keep with this style of flash. The "battle royale" or "brawl-style" fighting flash seems very natural for you, and was definitely excellent to watch. I would love to see more flash like this, maybe a Newgrounds Battle Royale or something. I'm sure there's plenty of random beat-people-up flash you could make, even something like a "Choose-your-own-adventure" style game where you choose what happens when, and determine who wins a big brawl. Who knows?

Either way, I'm glad you made this flash, and was happy to vote/review it. I'll be watching this again soon and showing my friends. Here's a congrats to you for a great job, and hoping to see more flash in the future!


Quality animations, funny jokes, PERFECT timing. Really, what more can I say? The only recommendation I have is to keep making flash, as your stuff is great! Thanks for the great submit!

Emanhattan responds:

thanks yo

Refreshingly Funny

This flash got better and better as the time went on. The plot was just stupid enough to be extra funny, and the massive fight scene that arose from it was quite epic. The ending was also very worth the trip in.

The characters were obviously very simple, but the animation was done extremely well. The flash looked very clean and is definitely a winner. Great job!

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